YÖS: And it is an abbreviation for (Foreign Students Admission Examination), as it is used by students who have obtained a high school diploma (baccalaureate or tawjihi ..) and who wish to register for a baccalaureate in Turkish government universities.

This exam is taken at the desired university and each university sets a specific date for taking it, and there are some universities that accept the YÖS exam for other universities.

YÖS Exam Content:

It contains 80 questions (35 math principles + 45 IQ questions) and all questions are multiple choice The duration of the YÖS exam is 90 minutes.

General Questions

No, a specific average is not required, and all students with a high school diploma can apply for this exam regardless of their GPA.

A certified and translated copy of the high school diploma, a copy of the passport, a colored personal photo, not required to meet certain specifications.

Registration to enter the YÖS exam starts from the third month of every year and extends to the fifth month in some universities.

Yes, there are specialized centers within Turkey that give lessons in which the student is prepared to pass the exam with high grades, such as: the famous Metropole Center.

In general, the duration of the YOS exam course varies from 7 to 8 months, and there are intensive courses of about 4 months.

Private universities do not ask for this exam often, and you can apply directly through the high school diploma.


Years Of Experience


University Admission




Registered Annually