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Üsküdar University

Uskudar University

Uskudar University was founded in 2011 by the NPISTANBUL Brain Group, which has pioneered the fields of treatment, psychological rehabilitation, mental health and the use of magnetic resonance imaging techniques in Turkey. It established the first laboratory for drugs for psychological and neurological problems in Turkey. After the establishment of the university, this laboratory and other laboratories of the group became one of the most important scientific research laboratories of the university, which provides the latest scientific technologies to students and researchers, as the university provides advanced scientific results that contribute to the development of the field of neurology at the global level.

The main campus of the university is located in the Altunizade district, one of the central neighborhoods in the sk├╝dar region, which is one of the best historical areas in Istanbul. The university also has a job center, which aims to support university students to start their careers properly. The center trains students through specialized training courses, as well as media meetings and human development seminars. The main mission of the Employment Center is to provide vocational training, advice and guidance services to students.

The vision of Uskudar University

To develop high-quality academic programs for education, training, research and application

To become a world leading university that adds value to society and contributes to the social and economic structure

Providing education and training in accordance with European Union standards and international standards

To be one of the 500 best universities in the world by 2023, in addition to being one of the best Turkish universities

Mission of Uskudar University

Providing educational and research facilities at the international level, especially in the fields of science and health

Carrying out scientific activities that participate in providing solutions to societal problems

To be a research and producing university of science that contributes to the improvement and development of society

Applying the latest methods and techniques in education and training


Conducting scientific and social research in order to familiarize humanity with the social, cultural and historical wealth of Turkey

For the university to become a center of attraction for highly qualified academic members of the international academic community

Implement the latest methods and technologies in education and training to encourage all faculty members to attend in-service training in order to learn and implement the latest changes in technological fields

Providing seminars, conferences and workshops for students to meet on common ground with businessmen, scholars and successful personalities in various fields

Supporting student clubs in various fields

Establishing partnerships with research groups and institutions in Turkish and European universities with a high academic level

The development of new tools across organizations created specifically to provide society with new inventions and patents produced by the university

Advantages of studying at Uskudar University

It relies heavily on the technology it offers its students in all fields

The university has partnerships with several European universities, in addition to its membership in the Erasmus organization for student exchange between universities around the world.

It has large libraries that facilitate educational and research activities and provide all kinds of references needed by students and academics

Uskudar University is one of the most important private universities in Turkey due to its reliance on scientific research and advanced teaching methods that stimulate the student to think and provide him with many promising jobs in the future.

The university excels in teaching medical specialties, whether in undergraduate or postgraduate studies

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Important Notes

Please be aware that the expenses shown are post-deduction expenses if they are paid in one lump sum, and in the case of paying the expenses in installments, the tuition fees will be $ 3400 for one year

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