Sabanci university



Sabanci university

In 1994 the Sabanci Group decided to establish a leading University by the Sabanci Foundation, and that decision was as a result of technology invention and social advancement, with the aim of meeting the world needs by raising qualified people in different sectors.

In the summer of 1995, Sabanci Group started a social responsibility project with a focus on the field of education in a search conference, starting from this conference all the top educational institutions in Turkey were observed to detect all their success factors. Lots of people participated in this conference, 50 academicians from 22 different countries, in addition to a number of students and representatives from the private sector.

Since 1999, Sabanci University started to accept students’ applications, after examining the educational systems and the global values of the leading educational institutions in Turkey. Therefore, Sabanci University became as a model of the Universities that follow international standards.


The University aims to enhance the education by following the innovation and research approaches to develop the society and sciences.


By following innovative approaches, Sabancı University encourages people to advance their self-confidence and deepen their knowledge in different majors like humanities, natural sciences and engineering, social and management sciences.

Sabanci University in Numbers

• 3 Faculties
• 13 Undergraduate Programs
• 46 Graduate Programs
• 15 Doctoral Programs
• Around 5000 students
• Around 500 international students
• Employment Rate after the graduation is 96%
• Exchange opportunities with over 280 Universities in 53 Countries
• Public Library is open to all students during 24 hours
• 12 Design and Arts studios
• 100 Laboratories
• 50 Student Clubs
• Over 40 events are organized annually
• 41 sports teams in 33 different sports