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Istinye University

Istinye University was established in 2015 as an academic educational institution that produces knowledge through scientific research. Istinye University is one of the best Turkish universities located in Istanbul, on the European side, as the university is constantly updating its higher education system to keep pace with economic, social, cultural, political, scientific and technological developments. Modern technologies are also used in education and research, and it gives great importance to the use of flexible teaching methods and the elimination of the gap between academic educational curricula and the requirements of the business world. Istinye University is distinguished in medical specialties, in addition to conducting advanced scientific research in this field, the university provides students with specialized practical training within the university's hospitals, and cooperates with 3 of the largest hospitals in Turkey, including hospitals: Liv Hospital - Medical Park - VM Medical Park Campus The University of Istinye has two campuses: Topkapi Campus: It is 46,000 square meters. It can be easily reached from anywhere in Istanbul. The Topkapi campus features a modern technological infrastructure, and includes: 37 classrooms, 47 laboratories, two conference rooms, a library, a gymnasium, in addition to other sports, social and cultural facilities. South Campus: Home to the Vocational Schools of Health Services. It includes an indoor sports hall and recreational spaces, a library, a 150-seat auditorium, 15 classrooms, 8 laboratories, an aircraft technology workshop and a medical examination room. There is a third campus under construction, which the university is working to equip at the highest level with modern equipment and technologies. Istinye University goals Attending world universities with advanced academic level, by contributing to the production of new knowledge through their advanced performance in education and research and helping their students to become well-equipped in their various fields Expanding the scope of scientific research, and putting the results obtained through scientific developments into practice to meet the needs of society and overcome the problems facing it. Contributing to the progress of mankind and playing an important role in the social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological development of society Equip students with leadership skills, and encourage them to think critically and follow scientific and technological developments in the world, with the aim of graduating generations of young people who hold human and moral values ​​and directing them to appropriate work environments where they can employ these skills University vision Istinye University's vision is to exchange academic knowledge that it produces locally and internationally and to benefit from the various knowledge and experiences of scholars at the level of Turkey and the world at large. In addition to permanent work in the light of science and knowledge, in order to create a better future for future generations. University mission By conducting education, research and social services activities in accordance with global standards, the university equips its students with advanced knowledge to keep abreast of developments in the world of technology and the arts. Contributing to the graduation of productive, qualified and thinkers who bear the responsibility of contributing to the advancement of societies Giving priority to human values ​​as a basis for research, planning, education and training Giving students the freedom to express their ideas, providing them with the skills to participate in social work, work in a team, and the ability to think analytically Respecting diversity within society, and preserving ethical values ​​in scientific research Istinye University cooperates with international universities and institutions Istinye University cooperates with other institutions, on the following points: Joint research studies Exchange of teachers and academics Development of student exchange programs Sharing data for academic research and technical projects Organizing academic and scientific activities such as conferences and seminars Publishing and collaborating in various cultural activities Why submit via OK Tamam? 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Important note Transcripts / transcripts for all high school years must be attached while applying for Grades 10, 11, and 12

Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
Midwifery 4320 $ 4320 $ Turkish Register
English Language and Literature 4320 $ 4320 $ English Register
Software Engineering 5400 $ 5400 $ English Register
Software Engineering 5400 $ 5400 $ Turkish Register
Mechanical Engineering 5400 $ 5400 $ English Register
Civil Engineering 5400 $ 5400 $ English Register
Industrial and Systems Engineering 5400 $ 5400 $ English Register
Electrical-Electronics Engineering 5400 $ 5400 $ English Register
Computer Engineering 5400 $ 5400 $ English Register
Social Work 4320 $ 4320 $ Turkish Register
Nursing 4860 $ 4860 $ Turkish Register
Nursing 4860 $ 4860 $ English Register
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4860 $ 4860 $ Turkish Register
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4860 $ 4860 $ English Register
Midwifery 4320 $ 4320 $ Turkish Register
Speech and Language Therapy 4320 $ 4320 $ Turkish Register
Child Development 4320 $ 4320 $ Turkish Register
Nutrition and Dietetics 4860 $ 4860 $ Turkish Register
Pharmacy 10800 $ 10800 $ Turkish Register
Pharmacy 11880 $ 11880 $ English Register
Molecular Biology and Genetics 4320 $ 4320 $ English Register
Psychology 5400 $ 5400 $ English Register
Psychology 4860 $ 4860 $ Turkish Register
Sociology 4320 $ 4320 $ English Register
Interpretation and Translation 4320 $ 4320 $ English Register
Mathematics 4320 $ 4320 $ English Register
Digital Game Design 4860 $ 4860 $ English Register
Architecture 5400 $ 5400 $ Turkish Register
Architecture 5400 $ 5400 $ English Register
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 5400 $ 5400 $ Turkish Register
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 4860 $ 4860 $ Turkish Register
Medicine 19440 $ 19440 $ Turkish Register
New Media 4320 $ 4320 $ English Register
Public Relations and Advertising 4320 $ 4320 $ Turkish Register
International Relations 4320 $ 4320 $ English Register
Political Science and Public Administration 4320 $ 4320 $ Turkish Register
Healthcare Management 4320 $ 4320 $ Turkish Register
Management Information Systems 4320 $ 4320 $ English Register
International Trade and business 4320 $ 4320 $ English Register
Business Administration 4320 $ 4320 $ English Register
Economics 4320 $ 4320 $ English Register
Turkish Language and Literature 4320 $ 4320 $ Turkish Register
Radio, Television and Cinema 4320 $ 4320 $ English Register
Medicine 21600 $ 21600 $ English Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register


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