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İstanbul Kent University

Istanbul Kent University was established by the Education Without Barriers Foundation (ENEV), in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey, with the aim of educating students and developing their skills enough to compete in both national and international arenas. To achieve these goals, Istanbul Kent University has set the principle of providing all necessary support so that its students do not have to face any financial obstacles, by providing financial support and providing its students with foreign language skills to open the way for them to start their career around the world.

Istanbul Kent University has 4 faculties, 2 vocational schools and a postgraduate institute. It also provides high-quality education in order to contribute to development at the level of Turkey and the world. It is interested in using advanced technology and tracking recent scientific developments, to provide students with advanced and effective education and to play a more active role in the world.

Istanbul Kent University campus between past and present
The campus of Istanbul Kent University is distinguished by its originality, as it began on April 6, 1846 as a German hospital with the contribution of the German charitable organization. After that, according to the agreement signed between Germany and Turkey, the hospital was closed in 2013, and turned into (the educational institution of Istanbul High School). On 2016, Istanbul Kent University began providing its educational services on this ancient campus with many updates, to prepare students for the world of the future.

Advantages of studying at Istanbul Kent University
It includes a bunch of qualified faculty members
It provides educational and training opportunities at high-quality universities abroad
Located in a privileged area in the center of Istanbul, in the heart of the business world
It includes many laboratories and technology workshops and is equipped with a high standard
Keep pace with global changes and developments in the fields of education, science and technology
Provides all equipment to equip students with self-confidence and professionalism in dealing with modern technology
Developing strong educational plans to keep pace with the modern labor market requirements
It gives great importance to providing professional experience to its students to prepare them for successful careers
The various student activities, cultural, sports, entertainment, and student services are organized through the university's 24 student organizations
The university includes a large library that supports education, training and research activities for students and academics, and works to support the intellectual development of students, by providing printed and electronic information and documents in various fields.
The university holds various sports competitions in which students participate on campus throughout the academic year, and the university also participates in sports competitions and tournaments between universities

The Professional Development Center at Istanbul Kent University
The Professional Development Center at Istanbul Kent University plays an important role in the life of university students, as it is a bridge between academic life and professional life, so the center supports students and graduates by providing information and guidance about training opportunities and work areas for each major, in addition to providing applied courses and skills seminars. Career life, helping students to develop their career plans after graduation. The center also prepares students for working life in line with their fields of interest, competencies and desires, through mentoring, counseling, training and mentoring activities that are held throughout the year.

Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
Language and Speech Therapy 6000 $ 2000 $ Turkish Register
Midwifery 6000 $ 2000 $ Turkish Register
Nursing 6000 $ 2300 $ Turkish Register
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 6000 $ 2300 $ Turkish Register
Child Development 6000 $ 2000 $ Turkish Register
Nutrition and Dietetics 6000 $ 2300 $ Turkish Register
International Trade and Logistics 6000 $ 2000 $ Turkish Register
Social Services 6000 $ 2000 $ Turkish Register
Political Science and Public Administration 6000 $ 2000 $ Turkish Register
Psychology (English) 6000 $ 2700 $ English Register
Psychology 6000 $ 2300 $ Turkish Register
Business Administration 6000 $ 2000 $ Turkish Register
Public Relations and Advertising 6000 $ 2000 $ Turkish Register
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 6000 $ 2000 $ Turkish Register
Dentistry 20000 $ 10800 $ Turkish Register
Dentistry 24000 $ 13300 $ English Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
Clinical Psychology بدون رسالة $ 7000 $ Turkish Register
Clinical Psychology برسالة $ 7000 $ Turkish Register
Business Managment 6000 $ 2000 $ Turkish Register
International Business Administration 3500 $ 1500 $ Turkish Register
Healthcare Management بدون رسالة $ 1500 $ Turkish Register
Healthcare Management برسالة $ 2000 $ Turkish Register
Occupational Health & Safety 3500 $ 1500 $ Turkish Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register


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