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İstanbul Aydın University

Istanbul Aydin University
Istanbul Aydin University was established by the Anadolu Foundation for Education and Culture (AKEV). The university receives students from all over the world, as it is one of the best Turkish universities that occupies a global position as a result of its contribution with its academic units in the scientific and technological fields at the local and international level. It is also one of the universities recognized by the European Union and in a number of Arab countries, topped by the Arab Republic of Egypt, Iraq and Jordan.

University vision
Excellence in providing education and training in order to graduate professional competencies in various disciplines that keep pace with changes and developments in modern science.

University mission
To be an institution serving the community through education that provides basic, applied and interdisciplinary research on a global level
Achieving competence in scientific research, in order to convert information into products that benefit society
Providing an infrastructure to keep pace with the required technology for education, training and research
Creating national and international cooperation with academic institutions, companies and institutions in various sectors
To become a center of attraction in national and international arenas for students and academics
Istanbul Aydin University in numbers
It has around 39,000 students, of whom nearly 4,000 are international students
There are 1500 faculty members in the university
The employment rate of university graduates has reached 83.6%
It cooperates with 450 international universities
There are 63 Bachelor's degree programs, 74 Master's degree programs, 17 Doctoral degree programs
It includes 11 colleges and 3 vocational schools
It includes 30 scientific research centers and 21 medical science laboratories
It owns about 56 student clubs
It owns one of the leading technology laboratories in Turkey
The Hospital has a College of Dental Medicine and an Oral Health Center (ADSM)
Istanbul Aydin University aims to be among the top 5 universities in Turkey and the top 500 universities in the world
Advantages of studying at Istanbul Aydin University
It includes a vibrant technological university campus located in the heart of Istanbul, which includes engineering and health sciences laboratories equipped with the latest technologies, in addition to workshops, art and design studios, and a large library containing a wide range of electronic and paper materials available to students and academics.
Educational efficiency and quality are achieved through experienced faculty members who have gained fame for their scientific studies in Turkey and the world
The university offers training courses for students while studying in many industrial companies
It integrates practical education and theoretical application in various educational programs
Supports students after graduation by adopting a lifelong education approach; It provides a free career planning service to students and alumni through the Employment Center
It offers many study abroad opportunities for all of its students at its partner universities abroad
It organizes spring festivals, seminars, conferences and other leisure activities for students during the academic year
Scientific research centers and laboratories at Istanbul Aydin University
Civil Engineering Laboratories: Equipped with modern systems and a rich and modern infrastructure, students can take tests in the disciplines of Structural Engineering, Ground Engineering and Materials Engineering.
Aziz Sankar Technology Center: Includes Food Chemistry Lab, Communication and Electronic Energy Lab, Chemical Textile Lab, Mechanical Lab, First and Second Mechatronic Lab and Molecular Biology Lab
Food Analysis Laboratory: It was established with the purpose of providing applied education in the field of instrument analysis to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Department of Food Engineering.
Africa Center for Applications and Research: aims to enhance the interest of Turkish researchers in the political, economic and social systems of African countries, and analyze the cultural, historical, religious, political and economic relations between Turkey and Africa, as well as contribute to defining the role that Turkey can play in the future of Africa and the global economy.
Istanbul Dental Research Center at Istanbul Aydin University: It works to provide high-quality services to the community in the fields of diagnosis and treatment of oral problems
The Center for Astronomy Sciences: works on conducting scientific studies in the field of astronomy, and aims to develop and implement projects related to astronomy by providing appropriate facilities and environments for research and conducting studies on astrophotography
Career Development Center: The center aims to improve the efficiency and capabilities of students, graduates and academics in accordance with contemporary developments, in order to increase the university's global standing
University policy in education and scientific research
Istanbul Aydin University applies an advanced policy in education and research in order to support progress and development at the national and international levels by using local and national technology in the light of global principles; In order to reach the top rank in the world rankings with high-level academic education programs.
The university adopts a policy:
Developing the means of scientific research and providing material and developmental opportunities to achieve its vision in this field
Continuous improvement and development of education processes
Creating an innovative research and development environment in which faculty and students can follow contemporary developments and support scientific and technical studies
Converting scientific value into economic value
For Istanbul Aydin University to be at the helm of higher education, training and research development institutions in national and international rankings
Important Notes
Students wishing to enroll in a bachelor’s degree at the university in the specialties of human medicine and dentistry must pass the Yös test at the university and pass it for admission to the specialization, as the study of these two majors is 100% in the Turkish language
Tuition fees are paid by undergraduate students in four installments throughout the academic year
Postgraduate students: For the master's level, tuition fees are paid in two installments throughout the academic year. As for the Ph.D., tuition fees are paid in four installments throughout the academic year
The diploma stage is one year