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Esenyurt University

Istanbul Esenyurt University is one of the best Universities in Turkey that dedicates all efforts to 4 faculties. Faculty of sciences Engineering and design, faculty of health sciences, faculty of sciences & business administration, faculty of arts & social sciences. And 2 graduate schools and two associate schools.


To become a pioneer university by its infrastructure and high quality of education. In addition to its efforts that directing towards practical learning by following the international standards and improve the students’ skills and depth their knowledge. Istanbul Esenyurt University put community development and contribution in sciences in its priorities.


Istanbul Esenyurt University aims to graduate a generation that possesses global morals and values. Graduates who can contribute to technological and scientific development.

Why Istanbul Esenyurt University?

• It includes modern classrooms and a number of well-equipped laboratories with all materials and new techniques.
• It allows the students to study a regular major or double-major at the same time.
• It offers several cultural and exchange programs whether for study or training as it is a member of the Erasmus program which funded by the European Union. Also, by the Mavlana program, it allows both students and faculty members to obtain various opportunities, and this program funded by the Ministry of Higher Education in Turkey
• It includes a large dining room and other entertainment rooms.
• It includes three research and applied centers, Learning languages center, distance learning center, and continuing education center.

Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
Political Science and International Relation 2000 $ Turkish Register
Electrical-Electronnics Engineering 2000 $ Turkish Register
Modern Media and Communication 2000 $ Turkish Register
Sociology 2000 $ Turkish Register
Psychology 2000 $ Turkish Register
Radio , Television and Cinema 2000 $ Turkish Register
Public Relations and Advetising 2000 $ Turkish Register
Social Work 2000 $ Turkish Register
Nutrition and Dietetics 2000 $ Turkish Register
Child Health and Deveopment 2000 $ Turkish Register
Architecture 2000 $ Turkish Register
Civil Engineering 2000 $ Turkish Register
Interior design 2000 $ Turkish Register
Computer Engineering 2000 $ Turkish Register
International Trade 2000 $ Turkish Register
Political Science 2800 $ English Register
Business 2800 $ English Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register


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