Beykoz University



Beykoz University

Beykoz University established in 2008 by Beykoz vocational school of logistics, the University located on the Asian side of Istanbul in Beykoz district.

In addition, it is one of the top private universities in Turkey and it includes many majors like Engineering and Architecture, social sciences, management, and administrative sciences. The University provides programs in both (English & Turkish) languages.

Beykoz University has core principles for all services and activities as an example:

• Academic Independency, freedom and responsibility
• Social Responsibility
• Innovation and creativity
• Respect for Human Rights and Diversity


Beykoz University aims to raise individuals who are self-confident, responsible, and have good communication skills. In addition to those who respect cultural values, and who have improved their personal & practical skills like decision making and problem-solving.


To become a global university that contributes to society development

Why Beykoz University?

• It includes experienced faculty members with various nationalities
• The official language in the University is English
• It includes well-equipped classrooms and laboratories
• It includes a language school for English and Turkish language learning
• It has a huge library that contains thousands of books and publications in different fields including artistic, legal, educational, technological and literature
• It expands its international relationships with other Universities and institutions, it also a member of the Erasmus Program that offers many exchange opportunities in the European Universities.

Research Centers

• The Applied Research Center and distance learning supervises the application of scientific research and creating distance learning programs which include business administration program, Foreign Trade program, and international trade and logistics program.
• The Research and Logistics Applications Center implements research and development activities in the field of logistics and supply chain.

Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
TR 200 for level $ Register
International Trade 3060 $ English Register
Logistics Management 3060 $ English Register
Digital Game Design 3150 $ Turkish Register
Cartoon 3150 $ Register
Graphic Design 3150 $ Turkish Register
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 3150 $ Turkish Register
Public Relations and Advertising 3150 $ Turkish Register
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 2700 $ Turkish Register
Communication Design and New Media 3150 $ Turkish Register
Aviation Management 3060 $ English Register
Psychology 3600 $ Turkish Register
Political Science and International Relations 3060 $ English Register
Computer Engineering 3060 $ English Register
Management Engineering 2700 $ English Register
Architecture 3600 $ Turkish Register
industrial engineering 3060 $ English Register
Softwer Engineering 2700 $ Turkish Register
Radio Cinama and Tv 2700 $ Turkish Register
industrial design 3060 $ English Register
EN translation 3060 $ English Register
EN 3060 $ Register
Business 2700 $ Turkish Register
Business 3060 $ English Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
Construction Management 3500$ $ 1750$ $ Turkish Register
Work and Organizational Psychology 3500$ $ 1750$ $ Turkish Register
Communication Design and Semiotics 3500$ $ 1750$ $ Turkish Register
Communication Design and Semiotics 3500$ $ 1750$ $ Turkish Register
International Trade and Logistics 3500$ $ 2000$ $ Turkish Register
International Trade and Logistics 3000$ $ 2000$ $ Turkish Register
Business Administration 3000$ $ 2525$ $ Turkish Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register


Years Of Experience


University Admission




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