Ankara Medipol University

Ankara Medipol University

Ankara Medipol University
Ankara Medipol University is one of the newest and best universities in Turkey, which was established by the Research and Science Foundation in 2018 to meet the needs and requirements of the business world in various academic disciplines with high educational quality. The university works to provide all the information students need to become highly qualified and capable scientists in various technological fields.

The university includes 9 colleges that include a group of diverse specializations, 3 vocational schools and 2 committees, one of which focuses on social research and the second specializes in research in health sciences. In addition to an institute for higher studies.

The campus “Anavartalar Campus” is located in the heart of Ankara, which is the capital of Turkey. It is one of the most important areas rich in archaeological and cultural monuments. Within the university campus, various services are available, which are:

A number of technical laboratories that include modern information technology and fast internet services with sufficient speed that enables students to obtain all information and access research resources in a short time.
The university has a huge library that includes various sources for reading and surveying, and it has an electronic system that updates itself. The university library provides its students with access to local and international publications in many fields, such as science, literature, art and social theories.
There is a place designated for obtaining food on a self-service system, as the university contracts with a food service company and prepares meals for students with different types of food, and each student goes to the designated place and chooses what they want to eat. In addition, the university campus has a number of cafeterias.
A number of practical training centers, such as a dental clinic, a laboratory for training students of the nursing department, and another for training students of culinary art and cooking
Security services are available 24 hours a day, and security personnel play an effective role, ensuring the identity of students and professors before entering
Student exchange programs
Ankara Medipol University is interested in cultural and academic exchange programs, to help students develop their skills and gain experiences that distinguish each student from the other. Therefore, the university contracts with 3 of the strongest student exchange programs, the Erasmus program, which is one of the most famous student exchange programs in the European Union, and the Milvana program, which is an academic exchange program for students and faculty members between Turkish universities and educational institutions in other countries. And the last exchange program, the Farabi Program, is a Turkish program that gives students opportunities for cultural and academic exchange in educational institutions in Turkey.

Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
Politics and International Relations 6000 $ 2975 $ English Register
Dentistry 20000 $ English Register
Dentistry 18500 $ Turkish Register
School of Pharmacy 10500 $ 5950 $ English Register
School of Pharmacy 9500 $ 5440 $ Turkish Register
LAW 9500 $ 5440 $ Turkish Register
Nutrition and Dietetic 6500 $ 3188 $ Turkish Register
Speech and Language Therapy 6500 $ 3188 $ Turkish Register
Midwifery 6500 $ 3188 $ Turkish Register
Ergotherapy 6500 $ 3188 $ Turkish Register
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 6500 $ 3188 $ Turkish Register
Nursing 6500 $ 3188 $ Turkish Register
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (English) 6000 $ 2975 $ English Register
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 7400 $ 3613 $ Turkish Register
Psychology 6000 $ 2975 $ Turkish Register
Psychology 6000 $ English Register
International Trade and Finance 6000 $ 2975 $ English Register
International Trade and Finance 6000 $ Turkish Register
Management Information Systems 6000 $ 2975 $ Turkish Register
Public Relations and Advertising 6000 $ 2975 $ Turkish Register
Medicine 23000 $ Turkish Register
International School of Medicine 29000 $ English Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
Justice 1900 $ Turkish Register
Anes thesia 1900 $ Turkish Register
Biomedical Device Technology 1900 $ Turkish Register
Physiotherapy 1900 $ Turkish Register
Dialysis 1900 $ Turkish Register
First and Emergency Aid 1900 $ Turkish Register
Radiotherapy 1900 $ Turkish Register
Audiometry 1900 $ Turkish Register
Opticianry 1900 $ Turkish Register
Medical Laboratory Techniques 1900 $ Turkish Register
Medical Imaging Techniques 1900 $ Turkish Register
Health Tourism Management 1900 $ Turkish Register
Construction Technology 1900 $ Turkish Register
Computer Programming 1900 $ Turkish Register
Marketing Management 1900 $ Turkish Register
Interior Design 1900 $ Turkish Register
Operating Room Services 1900 $ Turkish Register
Oral and Dental Health () 1900 $ Turkish Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register
Specialist Type Before discount After discount Language Register


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