Training and Consulting Services

Yildiz Foundation for Training and Consulting was established in Turkey to provide its services in the field of training, human resource development and consulting at a high level of quality and in a distinct manner based on high professional standards based on extensive experiences and international best practices in the field of human resource development.

And because we at Yildiz Foundation believe that the complementarity and harmony between the accumulated experience and the scientific methodology at work constitute the basic requirement to provide a distinguished service, our team of administrators, advisors and trainers came to reflect the philosophy of the institution in achieving it Vision.

Our Training Programs

Short term training programs for individuals and companies

  • The science and technology of library management and administration.
  • Administration of university laboratories.
  • Automated media technology at the service of universities.
  • Governmental administration, institutional excellence and governance programs.
  • Financial and accounting software.
  • Leadership, strategic planning and professional skills programs.
  • Advanced marketing and e-commerce software.
  • Operations management programs and total quality management techniques.
  • Procurement programs, contracts and warehouse control.
  • Public relations programs.
  • Project management software.
  • Human resource management software.
  • Occupational health and safety programs.
  • Secretarial and office management programs.
  • Local government and municipal administration programs.
  • Civil society organization programs.

What Distinguishes Us

We have made sure that the entire training process is an exciting experience for success and the acquisition of skills and tangible benefit for the trainees, and because excellence has been our obsession from the beginning, we have worked hard to achieve it through a number of axes:

Comprehensiveness of training programs:

Our training programs cover all tracks and fields of administrative, financial, social, educational and self-development programs. These programs have been developed based on in-depth studies on the priorities and urgent training needs required in the labor market.

Care for trainees:

Because the trainee is the main beneficiary of the training process, our concern has been focused on providing the appropriate training environment in addition to setting up a program of accurate evaluation and follow-up to ensure that the trainee benefits from the subject of the course so that the process does not become a mere waste of time and effort unnecessarily.

Potency and potency:

Yildiz is distinguished by its effectiveness in implementing and designing its training programs with the required speed and quality, through an effective work mechanism and trained human cadres to deal with all circumstances and situations, as it has the ability to implement the required programs and training courses anywhere and anytime.

Modernity of the training program:

The Yildiz Foundation training program is characterized by modernity and keeps abreast of the modern technical and technical means in the field of training, both in terms of the method and method of implementing the courses, and in that it is keen to link the theoretical program of the course with the practical reality or in terms of using the aids and educational and training aids necessary to complete the usefulness of the training courses. It also employs the concepts of dialogue. Discussion and development of thinking skills during the training program.

Cooperation with global centers:

Our aspirations for global performance are not far away. The labor market and its needs are growing with the growth of this market and the booms in the economy and society in all walks and fields of life, and the economic openness and the implications of joining the World Trade Organization imposes a new reality by entering new competitors with their expertise in the field of training and development and possessing high competencies and methods. Modern, And based on our vision of these data, we have been keen to extend our hands in cooperation with international centers of expertise and global trainers to benefit from these experiences, which is known internationally as the concept of (transfer of technology and expertise). Our partnership with these centers and our cooperation with them is a (smart partnership) project and a logical anticipation of future changes in the labor market. In all its sectors, and in particular the training sector, the most important sector, because it is concerned with building people and investing in developing their capabilities and developing their skills.

Our Mission

Based on the fact that the human being is the real wealth, our institution came to contribute to the development and development of human resources according to well-thought-out training plans that combine the needs of institutions and everything new in the field of training, in cooperation with a group of specialists with distinguished competencies and experiences, academically and professionally, and provide consultations according to A high scientific methodology, in order to keep pace with the march of progress and development.

Our Methodology

Yildiz Foundation adopts a modern method in preparing and implementing training programs through several axes:

The first relates to coaches, who are among the best and finest trainers in their field of specialization.

The second is choosing the appropriate training programs for the needs of each facility.

The third relates to how to implement the training program, create its appropriate atmosphere, evaluate it, and ensure that it achieves the desired benefits from it through accurate and scientific follow-up and evaluation programs.

Our Means

Using the highest professional standards and the latest methods in providing our advisory and training services with the presence of the best trainers and consultants.


Our trainers are not only the most qualified professionally, but they are also the most capable of communicating information to the trainees. We depend in choosing them, in addition to their high scientific specializations, on their experiences and personal capabilities in implementing training programs of high value and positive return so that the training process does not become a mere waste of time and effort, but rather a real development of capabilities, skills and practical benefit. Acquired by the facility and its personnel and practically practiced to improve its overall performance.

Activities And Events

Organizing training events in their various forms, programs, courses, workshops…. Etc., in all areas of knowledge: administrative, financial, accounting, economic, engineering, medical, petroleum and gas, computing and information technology.

Organizing conferences and exhibitions locally and in the Arab world in areas that deal with issues and matters of interest to the Arab community, in all its segments and sectors.

Cooperating with training centers in the Arab world to implement joint training activities, whether in Malaysia or other Arab countries.

Preparing studies and providing advisory services to institutions in the public and private sectors, especially those aimed at developing these institutions or finding solutions to administrative, technical or other problems that they suffer from.

Focusing on training programs that enhance awareness among institutions and individuals of the importance of modern technology, especially in the field of information technology, and the role it can play to bring about a qualitative shift in the administrative process.

Directing special efforts to contribute to the eradication of computer literacy among individuals and institutions, which in turn contribute to bringing about the required development in the individual and institutional mentality in the Arab world.


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