About The Test :-

It is a test in the English language for non-native speakers or those who use it as a second language to measure the degree of their mastery of it.

The source of this test?

This test is a global center in the United States of America (Educational Testing Service) Center for Educational Testing Services.

What is its importance?

In other words, if you pass this test, you are able to enter any university in the world in which the language of instruction is English,
such as Britain and America As well as Turkish universities A test considered as a measure of your proficiency in the English language
In the USA: most universities ask for 500-550, but major universities like Harvard ask for over 600 In Europe and Canada: most universities ask for above 550,
but some request above 500 Rest of the world: Most universities request 550.

Note that some universities may look at the writing score on its own, and then at the overall total.

What are the types of TOEFL?

Internet Based TOEFL

It is newer and is taken on a computer and is easier compared to the TOEFL type 2 test for a variety of question formats, but you will be restricted in returning to and reviewing solved questions because the computer will not. Allow you to do so.

Paper-Based Testing

It is done by the traditional method with pen and paper. This method is more difficult, but it gives more results that measure a person's abilities

What are the components of TOEFL?


In this section, the examinee hears conversations between two or more people, and after hearing the conversation, he will listen to the questions and answer them on the answer sheet. This part ends when the last conversation ends, as you are given enough time to answer the last conversation questions. This section is divided into three parts: the first part contains very short conversations, the second part contains medium talks, and the third part contains rather long conversations.

Written Expression

Frequently asked questions about frequently asked questions about frequently asked questions and answers frequently asked questions

    In this section the student answers forty questions in twenty-five minutes. The division is divided into two subsections:
  • Infrastructure: Section of 15 questions, and the examinee selects the correct grammar for sentences with missing parts.
  • Written Expression: This section consists of 25 questions, and the examinee selects the incorrect parts from complete sentences.

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary

It studies the student's linguistic strength in the field of reading and knowing the meanings of words. In this section, the examinee answers 50 questions about five or six written paragraphs containing about 300 words in a maximum of 55 minutes. There are also some questions about the words in the paragraphs.

Essay Writing

It is to test the student's writing skill and strength in using English language words. The examinee in this section is required to write an essay on a topic and then the writer's opinion on it supported by specific reasons in a period of only 30 minutes.

  • What Is The International TOEFL Test:
    The TOEFL International Exam is usually held on Fridays and Saturdays, at specialized centers in 180 countries around the world, including centers in the United States.

    This test is the international or "official" TOEFL test. There is a list of the centers authorized to conduct this test in the free information booklet available at the TOEFL office or in the US embassies, or in the United States services offices or in IIE centers, or in the AMIDEAST centers.

  • What is TOEFL Domestic:

    More than 1200 schools, colleges, universities and private agencies conduct the local TOEFL test. It is characterized by the same length, shape and difficulty of the international TOEFL, but its dates and goals are different, so the dates are general at the start of an academic course at a college or university. This test is used to accept the student, or designate the appropriate place for him, or to know whether he is qualified to continue his studies or to undertake a job, and that is only in the school or agency that conducts this test.


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