Yildiz Is Your
Best Educational Advisor

Yildiz Is Your
Best Educational Advisor

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Yildiz Educational Services Foundation?

We are a specialized institution that provides university admission and study services in Turkey, and training services for exams that qualify for entry to Turkish universities at all levels. Yildiz Foundation also provides housing services, real estate services, company formation services in Turkey, and tourism study and accommodation services for those coming to Turkey.

Student Services

University Certificate Equivalent

Our team undertakes the equivalence of university degrees issued from outside Turkey so that their holders can practice work in Turkey in accordance with the official laws

Free University Admission

The student may only send us copies of the documents required for registration, and we get him free admission to the most suitable university

Student Residency

The legal affairs department’s team expert in Turkish laws is keen to help the registered student to submit residence requests. The team arranges the application before submitting it to the university or the Directorate General of Migration Management

Student Housing

Our housing specialist team communicates with our admitted students in universities to suggest and offer them housing and complete the housing reservation process before the student enters the country

Student Bank Accounts

Upon completing the final registration at the university, our team helps the student to open a personal bank account

Health Insurance

obtaining health insurance during the study in Turkey is crucial, Yildiz provides suitable health insurance for the benefit of students, which is also considered as a requirement for their residency

Transportation and Reception Services

Yildiz representatives arrange a reception for students coming to Turkey. There will be a specialized team accompanies you to the university and make sure that you complete the final registration procedures

High School Certificate Equivalency

Yildiz specialized team helps students from outside Turkey to obtain high school certificate equivalency so they can register in the Ministry of Education. The team reserves an appointment at the Ministry of Education and arranges the documents accordingly

International Schools

Yildiz provides registration in different Arab and international schools teaching Arabic and international curriculums at all grades

Public Transportation Card

Our team provides students with transportation cards and a map of public transportation explaining the way of using it

Sworn Translation

Certificates should be translated into the Turkish language before applying to the university, Yildiz provides you with a sworn translation for all documents to meet the requirements of university admission

Turkish Calling Card

It is very necessary for the students to obtain a Turkish mobile sim card upon their arrival inside Turkey

High-quality language courses for all levels

Educational Groups

Yildiz Foundation offers general education courses to train for the YOSE - SAT - TOEFL - TOMER exams, which qualify for entry into Turkish universities.

Individual Courses

Providing special individual training that suits the needs of the trainee

Corporate Training

Specialized employee training courses to gain more skills


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